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Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, with a remarkable recorded history of over 3,400 years. Acropolis, the ‘holy rock’ where the symbol of Democracy prevails – the Parthenon, stands out at the city center, along with the new Acropolis Museum as well as other museums and monuments giving the feeling of the ‘Golden Era of Athens’ back in time.  Athens is a city that doesn’t sleep, with an abundance of choices when it comes to dining, seeing, doing and enjoying.  There are also several modern shopping malls and areas offering the best brands but local choice too.

Athens can be very relaxed by walking around its picturesque little streets and parks, it can also feel like one is in a Greek island due to the amazing sandy beaches a bit out of Athens, but it can also feel like a big hectic city.

At the center of Athens, most of the cultural and artistic facilities such as theaters, galleries, music and concert halls are gathered.  Living in the city center offers a modern lifestyle having all the amenities nearby and a wide selection of shops, museums, and restaurants.

Ideal Areas To Buy Athens Property or Athens Properties

  • Well, first, the city center seems the easiest option.  So for the not very risk takers, and for the easy-going ones, the city center is a good option.
  • The city always never loses demand and it can easily be given to a company to rent too. So stable rental yields too.
  • Quality?  Well, the center being so dense, consequently it means ‘hard to find space’, and therefore the properties we have available most likely will be small and older buildings and/or renovated ones turn to modern space/residences.

In the city center, Athens property sales are moving fast; also the local market is active and Greek people are buying and selling properties, it is also a student market as so many Greek Universities are found near many Athens properties.  Therefore, a student is always very convenient to reside in the center having a small Athens property.

 Ideal Areas To Buy Property or Properties 

The most demanded property areas of Athens are probably the southern ones, those are: from north to south:

Paleo Faliro, Alimos, Elliniko, Glyfada, Voula.  Many foreigners including Chinese buyers, Arabs, Russians, and Greeks too, are looking for a property solution that combines, easy access to the centre of Athens but at the same time close to the beach, to have a better lifestyle; so that after work, to have an easy way out to the beach for relaxation.

Those neighborhoods, each one has its own center, and all amenities and facilities as in the city center (banks, post offices, municipalities centers, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, schools etc.  Each of these areas has a metro station and other public transports, so it depends on the exact address within the neighborhood of this province and how close they are at a Metro station.  It is very easy to find a taxi and usually, the cost is approx. €10-15.)

Why Investors Buy Real Estate In the Southern Areas Of Athens?

  • Mainly for what we described above, these are the new areas of Athens, therefore one can find new modern Athens properties with upgraded finishes, AND, a lifestyle which combines easy access to the center and to the beach.
  • Glyfada, being the chicest area of Luxurious Athens Properties, has a reputation of class and glamorous living, therefore prices are the highest.  Newly buildings are priced from €3.500 per m² – €6.000.  Further, it has become popular to buyout cheap old properties and renovates them to deluxe Athens properties, as long as they are located in Glyfada.  That is, due to the low supply of land in Glyfada and in general in the whole area of Athens.
  • Finding bargain deals in Glyfada is non-existent.  With the adoption of the PR law, properties have been selling fast and we anticipate the commencement of new buildings.
  • For further analysis of Glyfada area, please have a look at the Mega Project of Elliniko (Athens Properties), which it’s bordering with Glyfada and will boost further the area:

Real Estate Investors In Athens

Kifisia is the most popular and glamorous area in the North, hosting many of the International Schools.  The area of Kifisia is one of the most expensive northern suburbs of Athens.  It has traditionally been home to rich Greek families and major Greek political families. Kifissia is actually a beautiful place and street by street much nicer than downtown Athens. Besides the main square, there is also Kefalari Square each of which is like a smaller version of the National Gardens, with ponds and palm trees and interesting plants and flowers.

The area is on the slopes of Mount Pendeli and has a milder climate than Athens which is why all the rich Greeks have historically had their summer houses here and many now live there year round.

Why To Buy Real Estate In Kifisia Athens City?

  •  Highly developed and modern area with highways and numerous open spaces.
  •  The biggest and most luxurious shopping Malls are located in the area (Golden Hall, Mall, Avenue).
  •  It has an excellent transportation system with 1 metro station connecting the area with the city center, the international airport, the chief port of Athens, seaside and mountain area.
  •  Kifisia lies between the two highest mountains of Attica (Parnitha and Penteli mountain).
  •  Olympic Stadium is located at the nearby the area, with modern sports facilities, such as basketball, tennis courts, swimming pools etc.
  •  A number of public and private educational institutions, as well as public and private hospitals, are close to the area (iaso, ygeia, iatriko e.t.c).
  • Market/ Shopping Malls (Athens Mall/ Golden Hall/ Avenue Mall/Super Market/ Commercial Stores/ Services/ Banks).
  • Sports Facilities/ Olympic Stadium.
  • Zirineio Stadium.
  • Private International School (St. Catherine, Moraitis, Athens College).
  • Private Hospital (Ygeia, Iaso, Iatriko).
  • Embassy Area/ Chinese Embassy.

Athens Real Estate Investment Opportunities

To find sound investment opportunities in each district of Athens properties, or other investments in Greece, please search Greece Properties Gate Database or email us your requirements.  Also, for in-depth market analysis and research study please contact us.  Email us here to include you in our Monthly Newsletter.