We have in mind the following when it comes to building, assisting, a new enterprise, which it’s covered very well in a learning course from RICS ‘FUNDAMENTALS OF CORPORATE REAL ESTATE’ , and we would like to quote it:

Sustainability: As the global economy endures turmoil, volatility, and environmental impacts, CRE (Corporate Real Estate) teams are under intense pressure to accommodate demands for corporate accountability & responsibility.

This has synthesized the creation of two new CRE trends: sustainability & corporate social responsibility.

Sustainability addresses the issues that human society cannot operate a business enterprise in ways that will exhaust our finite resources and way of life.

Corporate social responsibility (CRS) suggests that corporations have a bottom-line responsibility for the welfare of its ultimate constituency: society itself.

The challenge to sustainability initiatives is to develop & implement environmental goals without disrupting financial priorities.

The solution for many is to tailor energy and sustainability strategies to obtain the greatest benefit as the least cost.