Cooperation Technical University of Crete – University Foundation of China Institute of Chania

An Institute for learning the Chinese language and dissemination of Chinese culture will be established at the Technical University of Crete!

The TUC and the University Guangxi University of China agreed and signed a cooperation agreement in which included a request for an Institute of Confucius, as is the official name, the University of Crete.

The request addressed to the Chinese Ministry of Education is expected to give the “green light”.  The possibility of establishing Confucius Institutes given in prestigious universities around the world.

Announced TUC, “the meeting was held with the contacts with the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Athens with a view to wider research and academic collaboration between the University of Crete and China.

The delegation of Guangxi University met the Rector of the Institute, Prof. B. Digalakis, the Deputy Rector, Prof. E. Psillakis and Deputy Chairman of the Foundation Council Prof.. N. Kalogeraki.

The delegation consisted of Professor Zhao Yanlin, President, Professor Lu Shanyong, Dean of Graduate School, Professor Feng Qingge, Dean of the College of Environment, Mr. Yu Yunyu, Deputy Director of the Office of President, Mr. Li Jiajun, Deputy Director of International Exchange Department ».