Step 1: the procedure for the Greek Golden Visa issuance starts with the finding of the ideal property for the client. 

At Gate, we care beyond the Golden Visa issuance, because our clients invest a respectful amount of money, that is 250.000 Euros minimum, and our goal is to ensure a worthy investment for their family.

So, the question arises:

How to Buy a Property now during covid-19 time and by distance in 2021?

Luckily, with the help of technology and computerized as well as mobile systems, we try to make this as transparent and real as possible for the client.  We try to bring the Property at the Client’s home anywhere in the world.

Firstly, we talk to the client and understand his/her needs and requirements.  We ask questions, we talk to the client aiming to collect information i.e. and we follow up with suitable properties.

  • What type of property does the client like ?  Villa with a pool in a magical Greek island, Apartment in the capital city of Athens etc.  So location and type of property is essential for us to know.
  • How many bedrooms does the family need?
  • Budget ?  Can the client afford a little bit more than what the Golden Visa requires (which is 250.000 Euros before taxes).  We explain to the client about the Greek property market.  We present the opportunities and the potential which some properties have which they are higher in budget than 250.000€ .
  • Any detail about the quality and colors, design, we encourage the client to provide to us, in order to go back to the client and present options.

After we narrow down the options, we send to the client presentations of the suitable properties.  We try to send 3-5 different properties so that the client can compare.  Our presentation includes:

  • ØLocation videos, our Sales Executives will walk around the property’s neighborhood and make videos.
  • ØPictures of the neighborhood.
  • ØPhotos of the Building and the Property inside/ out.
  • ØArchitectural plan of the properties.

And most importantly, We

  • ØSet up Live Video Call appointment to show the property to the client. We can do this by any tele means i.e. WeChat, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype.

When client finally decides which property s/he wants to purchase, we email the ‘Reservation and Sales Agreement’. 

Client will sign and email it to GATE, and upon the settlement of the Reservation Deposit (usually 10% of the agreed sales contract price), GATE will sign the agreement, scan and email it back.

Before we go to the next step, we should mention that if the client wishes to talk with the Greek Lawyer, we can set up live conference call, and/or client can directly consult his/her lawyer at any time before signing the agreement.

Step 2: Greek Lawyer will arrange the Signing of the Power of Attorney (POA); basically the Client will authorize the Greek Lawyer to do the following actions so that we move on with the whole procedure of title deed transferring and golden visa issuance:

  1. First thing which is required by the Greek Law, before buying a property is to have a Greek Tax Registration number, called in Greek ‘AFM’, so the Lawyer will obtain firstly the AFM of the client, and for that, the client needs to authorize a Greek lawyer since the client is not in Greece.
  2. Lawyer will open a bank account for the client.
  3. Third thing of the poa includes: Lawyer shall be authorized to sign the Final Sales Contract (Title Deed), and
  4. any Rental agreement as well as connection of the property with utilities under the name of the client.
  5. Residence Permit Application.

All the above five procedures will be executed by the Greek Lawyer, and this is the purpose of the POA.

The POA is written in Greek.  The Lawyer will call the Greek Embassy and will email the POA, too.  The Lawyer will schedule an appointment for the client for the signing of the poa; and during the appt, a translator will be with the client at the Greek Embassy.

During normal times, the poa is signed at a public notary office in the Greek language, in Greece, with a translator who can translate the poa at the mother tongue of the client.

Step 3: Client starts paying for the property.  Bank transfers can be made either direct to Property Developer/ Owner, or to the Greek bank of the client, and then from his/her account the Lawyer will transfer them to the Property Developer / Owner.

Note, the client shall transfer all the contract expenses including the golden visa fees to his/her own Greek account.

Step 4: Signing of Final Contract and Transfer of Title Deed A) Appointed Greek Lawyer finalises the procedure of signing the Final Contract in Notary Office and transfers the Title Deed to Client(s). The settlement of the contract amount is required as well as all taxes involved with the transaction.  We must note that in normal times, client can also visit Greece and sign himself/herself the final contract with the presence of his/her Lawyer.  The Final Contract is signed, by the Greek law practice, in the Public Notary Office.  Congratulations, Client has now purchased the property.  At this point, I find it important to note that all property buyers in Greece, both Greeks and foreigners, have the right of property ownership.  The real estate in Greece is inherited by the legal heirs.

The Lawyer will bring the next day, the signed final contract, at the Land Registry where the property is located, in order to register the deed.

Step 5: Commencement of the Golden Visa (Permanent Residence Permit) issuance. 

First thing is, the Collection of all necessary documents (from Lawyer) for the issuance of the Residence Permit:

  • Recent colour passport photographs and CD.
  • Exact copy of a valid passport and the original passport.
  • Copy of the Purchase Contract (of a property with at least € 250.000) Notary certificate that the Purchase Contract covers all the conditions set by law for granting residence permits to property owners in Greece (Article 6 § 2 of Law 4146/2013 ).  (Lawyer has it)
  • Registration of Title Deed from the ‘Registry of Mortgage’.  (Lawyer has it)
  • Medical Insurance: covering the costs of hospitalisation and medical care.  (Lawyer will do it)
  • Certificate from the land registry office that proves that the property has no mortgage.  (Lawyer has it)
  • Government fees (2.016 euro for the main applicant, 166 euro for the family member over 18 years old, 16 euro for the family member under 18 years.

Step 6: Submission of all Documents at the ‘Decentralised Administration’.

The application for the issuance of residence permits is filed at the ‘Decentralised Administration’. The submission of application shall be signed by the Applicant (or from the appointed Lawyer) on the day of submission and provided that all the documents are valid, a certificate (‘Blue Card’) of filing the application is given on the same day. The residence permit is granted within 90 days under normal circumstances.  So, the Lawyer will schedule this appointment and shall receive the Blue Card, congratulations, the Residence Permit is granted.  The Lawyer shall post the blue card to the Client, so that s/he can travel to Greece (without any other visa).  It is worth noting, that nowadays, due to covid-19 many Greek Embassies are closed, however, for those people who hold a blue card, which it’s in essence their residence permit of Greece, the embassy will accept them to give them a travel visa for Greece (in case there is no direct flight and client has to fly i.e. through Dubai; as the blue card is written in Greek, an extra travel visa will be given to the client).

Few other important details:

Necessary documents for family members:

  1. i) Family Certificate from country of origin, ii) Marriage Certificate (official and certified translation) (if applicable), iii) Children’s Birth Certificates (official and certified translation) (if applicable), provided that children are under the age of 21 years of age.

Step7: Client will travel to Greece to do the Biometrics; with the issuance of the Blue Card, the Greek government gives 12 months’ time, for the client to visit Greece and finish the actual ID (residence permit).  The Lawyer will schedule an appointment for the Biometrics, when the client has flights for Greece.  Client will go with the Lawyer for the fingertips and the actual ID Golden Visa is usually given within 2-4 weeks from the date of the biometrics appointment.