For 20 years now, Haris Menelaou has been working in the real estate industry in different countries worldwide, giving him the opportunity to gain a worldwide experience on property investment.  He started his career with one of the leading commercial real estate brokerage companies in Los Angeles – USA, Marcus and Millichap.

A self-described ‘’student of real estate’’ with a drive to deliver results and meet client’s needs, he often says that he is focused on ‘’understating client’s needs first’’, then follows with ‘’delivering tailor made solutions’’.

Since 2015 he is a member of RICS.  In many international property exhibitions in Europe, Russia and Asia, he has been a featured speaker presenting the real estate market and investment opportunities in Greece and Cyprus.  In addition to his financial background of property, he has hands on experience with construction and the delivery of high end residential developments and hotels in Greece.

Haris Menelaou, Member of RICS, and Founder of Gate, graduated from California State University of Fullerton in USA with BA in Finance & Investments.

At Gate, before we look at detail the investment options, we study the investor’s goals and future strategy.  Property investments in comparison to other investment options, such as stocks and shares, have lower risk and generally speaking returns too.   

Stocks and shares may produce a faster return , holding a higher risk, but property investment on the right location works most effectively over a period of time.  The housing market has proved to rebound after after significant economic crisis, such as the 1990 UK recession, and the global financial crisis in 2008.  In both occasions housing values dropped temporarily, and then we experienced a nice upward slope; likely in Athens too. 

Therefore, at Gate, with our teams on the grounds in Athens, Crete, Cyprus, we look for those low risk property investment opportunities but with the highest possible return.  Our experience in construction and successful track record of projects’ licensing, enable us to focus on finding prime location projects to achieve faster reselling.   

We can look at land opportunities to develop quality and unique projects in Athens or in a Greek island which has demand for ‘holiday homes’.  We offer in house:

  • Design of a project,
  • Licensing,
  • Construction with our team of engineers and architects,

and then we could coordinate the resale of the potential properties. 

This can be one of the forms which our investor can gain from working with our group, actualizing the returns of building a project and then reselling it.  We have a proven track record of joint venture opportunities too.

Additionally, our Rental department has the means and mechanisms to potentially rent the properties out to reliable tenants.  Buy-to-let property is probably the most common type of property investment by which ‘small investors – individuals’ can benefit from our rental facilities.  Being a hotelier on our own, we had to develop sources of finding tenants and/or holiday makers that look for short term tenancies.

Questions like,

  • Is student accommodation in Athens worth considering?
  • What are the best locations in Greece for property investment?
  • How much are the average returns of Hotels in Greece?   Or, in which island shall I buy a hotel?
  • What are the risks with rental property and how do I avoid them?
  • How much taxes will I pay on my investment?

We will be delighted to provide the answers for you.  Especially we would be happy to share with you our experience in the hotel and tourism industry, and provide good opportunities alond with a tailor made corporate structure on how to buy a hotel, under what form of company etc.

For information or advice about any aspect of residential property investment and/or hotels for sale in Greece, please contact us and we will be happy to produce an in depth market research for specific plan and feasibility study/ evaluation.   We will also be happy to provide with our tax experts, the right taxation solution.