Greece Goden Visa Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. I am a third country national and I own or I wish to purchase property in Greece, as an individual. Can I apply for a residence permit in Greece?

Yes, you have the right to apply for a residence permit for owners of real estate property, provided the value of the property in Greece , as referred to in the contract of purchase, is at least €250.000.

This residence permit (Article 20B, Law 4251/2014, as it stands) can be renewed every 5 years provided you are still the owner of the property.

Non Dome Tax Regime

New privileged conditions for the transfer of tax residence (natural or legal person) in Greece and abroad.

The Greek Government specifies which investments are eligible for the non-dom tax regime.

Pursuant to the non-dom tax regime enacted last year1 , persons who apply to become tax residents of Greece on the basis of the alternative non-dom tax regime for HNWI – which requires the person to have been non-tax resident of Greece for the last 7 years and entails exclusion of the offshore income from the income tax reporting obligations in exchange for an annual flat tax of € 100,000 – must invest at least € 500,000 in Greek assets (i.e. real estate, fixed assets of a business undertaking, securities or shareholdings).

Greece Property Purchasing Process, Taxes & Expenses

There are straight forward procedures when buying a property in Greece.  The Greek legal system secures the buyer’s position and the title deed of a property is issued simultaneously with the settlement and signing of the final contract.  

Our property specialists will guide you all the way through from choosing the right property till the day of registering the title deed.  The following steps are taken:

Low Taxation For Businesses In Greece

Our Advisory and Taxation Team can guide you through to set up your new business in Greece.  For specific queries please contact us: