Santorini Real Estate Insight Market  Info

BUY  –  RENOVATE  – SELL  Santorini Real Estate with a low value which are located in prime locations

What Is The Rental Income In Santorini?

Offer Rental Returns of 6+ and 7+%

Which Are The Best Selling Real Estate In Santorini?

In Santorini, the real estate for sale is limited. Santorini residences can be rented easily, or resell.  An island of 78sq.m. kilometers land, being rated as top island in the world, with increasing demand from Chinese tourists (now direct flight Beijing – Athens will raise the numbers of tourists), make the real estate market in Santorini so fascinating and popular among the investors.

‘Gate’ has had a successful track record of hotel sales in Santorini.  Our Advisory Team would also be happy to provide tailor-made solutions for the island.

Haris Menelaou, MRICS