Another success for the University of Crete (based in Chania), which have been appointed as Consultants for the “Silk Road” in International Trade

Chamber and signed a protocol of cooperation between the International Commerce Chamber (International Chamber of Commerce – ICC), National Greek Committee and the School Production Engineering and Management of the University of Crete.

The International Chamber of Commerce (International Chamber of Commerce – ICC) was established in 1919.  Today, it is under the protection of hundreds of thousands of members companies and associations in more than 120 countries.  The National Commissions cooperate with the ICC to face in their countries business concerns and convey to their governments the business views made by the ICC.

The basic mission of ICC is to promote free international trade and investment, has not three main activities: the creation of regulatory standards for most business activities, resolve conflicts and defense policy of free and fair trade.  Another service is the World Chambers Federation (WCF) of the ICC, the worldwide network of chambers of commerce, which promotes interaction and exchange views and best practices in the chambers.

The two cooperating entities identified notable areas of cooperation on the modern “Silk Roads”, and other international developments which lead to the modification of traditional methods of individual development activity. The two workshops will provide advice and substantial assistance to the above issues, with the objective of exploiting any available

human and material resource, for the benefit of the country.